Dealing with government agencies requires an understanding  not  only of the legal environment but also the policies in play.  Both in the context of negotiating with Government agencies in a bid to secure a successful outcome and invoking the judicial review process to challenge decisions made where it is felt that the decision is wrong, our aim is to ensure that our clients are treated in the manner in which they are entitled to be.  Organisms with whom we have dealt  have included –


  • the Town Planning Authority
  • the Registrar of Companies
  • the Admiralty Marshall
  • the Admissions and Disciplinary Committee of the Bar Council
  • the Principal Immigration Officer


  • the Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom
  • the Central Bank of Ireland
  • the Registrar of Charities of the Isle of Man

being just some examples.  We are not afraid to submit matters for judicial review where we feel that the principles of natural justice have not been observed or where there has been a perceived failure to follow a statutorily prescribed procedure.