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Gibraltar Company Law

Gibraltar’s company law is mainly contained in The Companies Act of 1930 as revised from time to time. The modern law regarding companies in Gibraltar has been amended to reflect the various directors emanating from Brussels concerning accounts, holding companies and other similar issues.

We regularly advise both companies and shareholders and/or directors. This will often involve detailed consideration of the constitutional documents creating the company (the Memorandum and Articles of Association principally) and the Companies Act itself. Gibraltar has a considerable number of corporate forms and clients often need advice on the relative merits of each. Additionally where companies are formed for joint ventures or simply with more than one shareholder we are regularly instructed in the preparation of private shareholder agreements.

Shareholder disputes are becoming increasingly significant as straightened financial conditions exacerbate tensions that may have existed for some time. In these cases we aim to proceed with sensitivity and especial care to avoid litigation if at all possible – sometimes agreeing a course of commercial mediation.

We are experienced in many corporate forms other than those of Gibraltar and have had dealings with many companies incorporated in actual of former British possessions and territories such as those in the Caribbean (including Caricom), the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.  Through our external consultants we are also positioned to assist in matters pertaing to certain European countries as well as Britain and Ireland.

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