Efficient and Effective Trial Advocates

We provide a complete legal representation in respect of criminal defence cases.

Robert Fischel has almost certainly more experience in criminal matters than any other member of the Gibraltar bar.  He has acted not only for various prosecuting authorities but also as and when instructed for the defence in cases ranging from complex, multi-defendant fraud trials , including some of the largest solicitor mortgage fraud trials ever pursued in England, he has also acted with great effect as and when instructed for the defence.

Matters in which our practitioners we have had their most regular successes have ben in regard to bail and to habeas corpus –a remedy often overlooked by some.

We aim to provide the most comprehensive service from the point of arrest until the outcome of trial, including any appeal that may be pursued.  In this regard, Robert Fischel’s experience in all the Superior Courts of the United Kingdom makes him ideally suited to conduct such cases.