The following is a listing of some representative cases undertaken –


Industrial Tribunal, London (1994) successful representation of respondent Employer in an Unfair Dismissal Claim brought by a Solicitor of some thirty years’ standing. Unenforceability of illegal contract; Employment Tribunal, Gibraltar, representation of Applicants and Respondents.

2002 – Ground-breaking application for recovery of monies confiscated by the Irish Customs. Monies recovered without requirement to issue civil proceedings. Case recommended for reporting by the judge with commendation for thoroughness of preparation of application.

Fraud case 2004, prosecuted via a civil claim with all monies being recovered and substantial damages being paid to the Claimant.

2007 civil claim for recovery of monies from a local estate agent by an investor – settled for full value and costs

Personal injuries actions – including clinical negligence – fatal accident claims. Occupier’s liability.

Interlocutory applications – Norwich Pharmacal Orders, Anton Piller Orders, Worldwide Mareva injunctions, application to appoint a receiver.


Extradition – Herbert Thauerer and Frank Matichek 1998-2001. An application had been made to extradite two men on drugs charges. The extradition proceedings lasted nearly three years after which time the Republic of France abandoned its application. Evidence – accuracy of translations – bail.

Habeas Corpus applications made in Gibraltar, United Kingdom.

Criminal trials – extensive experience in long, complicated trials involving fraud and other white collar crime.