Assisting individuals and families to maximise their assets

As a low tax jurisdiction, Gibraltar has much to offer in the realms of tax and estate planning.  Measures taken in a timely and systematic manner can often assist to reduce, mitigate or at least defer some or all of the tax burden.  However, many different disciplines are required for the successful implementation of the necessary strategies.  Indeed, the strategies themselves must be responsive to change in the legislative, regulatory and treaty environments.

We will examine the parameters of the client’s current life before making suggestions as to what measures may assist.  Sometimes these will require positive steps taken on the part of the client – refinancing, repositioning, or a shift in principal country of residence.  An appropriate response will not always be Gibraltar-centred and may include use of mechanisms not to be found on the Rock.  In other cases the sophisticated regulatory environment of Gibraltar may be exactly the solution to such requirements.

A significant feature of the current financial climate  is the regular need of many clients for assistance in dealing with lenders, particularly where such lending has been in respect of property investment.